Image by: Chris Corrado

Image by: Chris Corrado

About the WLA

WLA members have participated in a wide variety of activities intended for the benefit of the lake. Weed treatment, lake management, fund-raising, public service, information programs and social events have all been part of the Webster Lake Association activities.

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Public Service

The WLA is, essentially, a public service organization. Weed control, testing, and monitoring all help to protect a wonderful resource for everyone to use.Other WLA activities such as the WLA Newsletter, the WLA Website and the Lake Paddles include a public service component by educating the community and by encouraging enjoyment of the lake by both WLA members and non-members.WLA has helped with public service community events. Members have assisted with "Book-A-Cruise" by providing boat rides for students in the program. The WLA organized and offered the first annual Senior Lake Outing in 2014. The WLA water testing team has offered a workshop in testing techniques. The workshop was open to interested persons in the area. The WLA has also helped to organize and participate in periodic environmental cleanup activities around the lake. In the ICE-OUT Contest, the WLA partners with the Webster Education Foundation in order to support both organizations.The WLA has also sponsored or presented a number of educational and informative programs in the community. Subjects for recent presentations have included Birds of Prey, the Webster Lake Eagles, Turtles, the History of the Lake, the Last Green Valley, and the Biology of Lakes and Streams. These presentations have all been open to the public.

Invasive Plant Management

The term "Invasive Plant" is generally used here to mean non-native plants which can become dominant and interfere with the growth of native species. Visit the "Lake Management" section for more discussion.

Lake and Stream Water Quality Testing

The WLA runs a testing program for both the lake itself and the streams that run into the lake. The goal is to identify possible problems before they become too great.

Runoff and Other Environmental Issues

Two major runoff problems are the contamination of the lake through the runoff of pollutants (such as fertilizers and chemicals applied to lawns) and the runoff of silt into the lake. The WLA has worked to reduce both of these.There are other environmental issues which the WLA has worked on such as prevention of introduction of new invasive plant and animal species and the effects of development in the surrounding area.

WLA Newsletter

The WLA has begun to publish a quarterly newsletter with news about the lake, the community and WLA activities. The Fall 2013 issue included a calendar of upcoming events and articles about our eagles, the golf tournament, weed treatment methods, lake paddles, the ICE-OUT contest, and the Book-A-Cruise program.

WLA Website

The WLA maintains a website (which you are currently reading) which brings together much information about the Lake, the WLA, the weed treatment program, the lake monitoring program and more.

Fund Raising to Support our Programs

Activities of the WLA (such as lake and stream testing and invasive weed treatment) can be expensive. Many local businesses have generously supported our efforts. (Please see our sponsor lists and patronize our sponsors.) We are also regularly pursuing grants and donations from various agencies. Finally, we run a number of fund-raising activities throughout the year (for example, the Golf Tournament, the ICE-OUT Contest, the Wine Auction, Drawings, and the Poker Tourney).

Social Events

There are a number of WLA social events during the year. Past events have included Lake Paddles, the Plant Swap, the Wine Auction, cookouts, and presentations. Individual activities and events can be hard to classify. For example, the Lake Paddles and the presentations are both social events and public service. The Wine Auction is a fund raising activity and also a social event. They all contribute to the protection and enjoyment of Webster Lake.

WLA Status

Webster Lake Association is a 501 (c) (3) public charity.