Book a Cruise

"Book A Cruise" is a summer reading program. Young people who complete the program are eligible to attend the "Book A Cruise" event at Memorial Beach in Webster. This year, it was again sponsored by the Chester C. Corbin Public Library in Webster and by the Boys and Girls Club of Webster-Dudley. There were 120 participants from the library summer reading program and 70 from the Webster/Dudley Boys and Girls Club.

Webster Lake Association members volunteer their time and pontoon boats to provide rides around the lake for participants, families and others. There were 19 volunteer WLA boat drivers, with most of those making two trips to accomodate all of the participants. It was the biggest Book A Cruise event, both as far as participants and volunteers.
Drinks and paper goods were provided by the WLA.
Crafts were provided by the Library staff.

2018 Book a Cruise

In 2017, the event was postponed to the rain day due to inclement weather, but there was no need for a postponement in 2018. The weather was cool, but it was a beautiful day to be at the beach and to ride around the lake. Participants took a cruise, had lunch at the beach, and participated in craft activities.

The Webster Police Department has been involved from the start of the program and originally provided the cruises in their police boats, but the program grew so large that they eventually recruited help from the Webster Lake Association. 

Thanks again to AJ Alkire and his team from Point Breeze Restaurant. They not only donated their time to do all the cooking, they also provided all the food. Readers, families, and volunteers had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and watermelon for lunch. The Fire Department also pitched in by delivering and picking up the large, new, town grill. (The grill was donated in memory of Ray Travis, who was instrumental in starting up and continuing both the Senior Cruise and the Book A Cruise events.) 

Thanks also to Linda Patrick in her second year as the WLA coordinator for this event. She did another excellent job bringing it all together. The WLA is pleased to help these other organizations and to support this excellent program.