Cyanobacteria (Blue-green Algae) ReporT

Performed by: Water Resource Services, Inc.

Water Resources Services (WRS) is a company which the WLA has hired to conduct and present a variety of reports to the Association about the lake. In 2014, WRS, with the assistance of interested citizens, undertook a study of possible cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in Webster Lake.
There were three main elements to Phase 1 of the project: 

  • Sampling of Lake Water: Meet with interested parties, train observers, collect samples, and then professionally analyze those samples. 

  • Sampling of Storm Water Runoff: Train volunteers to sample runoff, collect samples, and then professionally analyze samples and evaluate phosphorous runoff in different parts of the lake. 

  • Sampling of Surficial Sediments: Collect samples of sediment where there were and were not cyanobacteria blooms, test for phosphorous, and perform a preliminary assessment of Asian clam distribution. 

    Below is a link to The Webster Lake Cyanobacteria Investigation: Phase 1 and links to 5 lab reports which were used in the main report.