The 2019 12th Annual ICE-OUT Contest Is Over!


All Proceeds to Benefit Webster Fire and Rescue, The Reconciliation House of Webster, and The Webster Lake Association.


In this contest, players try to predict the date and time when a mannequin will fall through the ice. Tickets are $5.00 each.
Rules and a general description of the contest are located here: (ICE-OUT Info).

Fall through Time: Friday, March 22 at 8:28 PM.

1st ($2,000 Prize) Kathy Benoit, March 22 7:12 PM.
2nd ($1,000 Prize) Gary Milliard, March 22 6:10 PM.
3rd ($500 Prize) Pastor Janice, March 22 5:32 PM.
4th ($250 Prize) Gail Paradis, March 22 5:30 PM.
5th ($250 Prize) David Nigro, March 22 5:02 PM.


2019 ICE-OUT Sponsors

Thanks to all the 2019 Sponsors for their generous support for the ICE-OUT Contest and the WLA.

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