A Listing of Donations to the Webster Lake Association

in Memory of Family Members and Friends.

For: Francis J. Godzik & Jeannette B. Godzik — On: 1/9/1995 & 1/25/2015 — donated by: Mark, A Neighbor and Friend

For: Chief Paul Minarik — On: 2/1/2017 — donated by: Mark G. Wrabel

For: Michael G. Wrabel & Susan S. Wrabel — On: 11/15/2010 & 6/1/2014 — donated by: Thank you, "The Boys"

For: Gregg Seraphin — On: 3/2/2016 — donated by: Mark

If you wish to make a donation to the Webster Lake Association in memory of a family member or friend, please send a note to the President.

Webster Lake Association
PO Box 156
Webster, MA 01570-0156
Email: Info@WebsterLakeAssociation.org