What Are The Different Types Of Building Materials Used In Construction? 

Hundreds of new buildings are built every day. These buildings stay solid and durable for years due to construction work. Construction work is crucial in laying the foundation of any building that will be a house for many people in the coming years. During construction, various materials are used for building tunnels, bridges, skyscrapers, buildings, or pavements.

If you are new to the construction line, it will be helpful for you to become aware of the materials used. Being aware of using materials such as steel, concrete, mortar, or t beam will be ideal for you. 

Exploring the different types of materials used in construction: 

  • Steel

Steel is one of the most common metals used in construction work. Steel is used for building the structural framework of a building. It is frequently used when laying up skyscrapers or large buildings. It is a metal alloy consisting of iron as the primary component. Steel provides strength, flexibility, and refinement during construction. 

There are different types of steel used in the construction of a building. These types range from rebar steel, chicken wire mesh, or structural steel. Many construction workers choose steel as the primary metal as it is one of the most suitable reinforcement materials. 

  • Mortar 

Mortar is a material that is built using binders and fine aggregates. Binders for resting mortar can range from several kinds. However, the most common binder used to create mortar is cement. Some construction works may also use lime as a binder to form mortar. Mortar is generally used for repairs, plastering, patching, or masonry. 

  • Concrete  

You might have commonly heard about concrete as a construction material. It is widely used in building materials. Concrete is primarily made from cement, water, fine and coarse aggregates. In some cases, chemical admixtures may be used to speed up or slow down the setting procedure of concrete. 

When durability and strength are prime factors, concrete will be used. Almost all commercial, residential, and industrial buildings are constructed. There are different types of concrete available. These types may range from prestressed, cement, and reinforced concrete. 

  • T beam

T-beam is another common construction material used when constructing the ceiling or skeleton of a building. These beams are commonly used in the building’s roof structures. It can be used either in residential or commercial buildings. 

T-beam is generally chosen when a builder wants to form the frame or any particular structure of a building. T-beams are an affordable option when compared to rectangular beams. T-beams are economical as they have low volumes of concrete. Reinforced concrete, metal, or wood are used for t-beams. 

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