Dynamic digital signage is a unique and new, and rapidly-growing communication tool. It is a specialized form of silver casting in which graphics content is displayed in public places. It is mainly done for the informational or advertising process. The physical static advertising sign days are long gone. Now, all that people want are dynamic digital displays. Nummax offers a unique way to attract attention by multimedia solutions which are practical, flexible and economical. Cities and municipalities can use it.


  • To raise awareness among citizens
  • To inform and orient the public
  • To entertain users and inform
  • Alert the public

Businesses also use digital signage, malls and shopping centers, organizations, health care, sports and recreation, and hotels. The scope is practically limitless. In the era of fierce competition, this helps grab the consumers’ attention and attract them.


  • It helps to communicate in real-time
  • Helps in increasing sales
  • Easier to encourage the impulsive purchase behavior
  • Action for sustainable development

Dynamic digital signage is also helpful in grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. As a consumer is always pleasured to discover new food these places have a wide range of food to present. Dynamic signage is an ideal option to boost sales. They can use it to display menu items or daily specials, provide entertainment and enhance communication with customers.

It is also of utmost help in large auditoriums, hospitals, for government, and in education. The use of new technology and the increasingly attractive environment in education are crucial for its vitality. The flow of information is the life and blood of an institution.

It helps in notifying and announcing events.  It helps in raising visitor awareness and entertain them.


Today, all electronic signs come with editing software. Here, training is provided to change or add new messages at your convenience. It has the following features:

  • Intuitive programming
  • Broadcast list planning
  • Built-in media library
  • Tactile web link access
  • Multi-zone display and many others

This software is designed in such a way so that everyone can use it, from beginners to professionals. The solutions given allow you to produce dynamic, precise, and effective communication.

Nummax is ahead of the curve in the latest market innovations. It also provides solutions aligned with the clients’ business reality and budget. If you want to customize any LED digital display or digital kiosk, this is the right place.

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