Get Your Pizza Place Running With a Good Phone System

When you own a pizza restaurant, there are many people who are at the forefront of your business. Some of these are the people manning the phones in the front. It’s important for them to be able to use these phones the right way to make things easier for customers. Customers don’t want to have to wait for service. They shouldn’t have to wait to reach someone by phone or have their order take a long time. Even if you have the right number of people in the restaurant to answer the phones, there could be a long wait. This is because the phone system may be an outdated one that doesn’t allow a lot of calls to come in at the same time.

Pizza restaurant phone systems have to integrate well with the computer systems that create the orders. It’s essential for these systems to work well and to not have any downtime. When a pizza phone system has downtime, it means missed orders, frustrated customers, and money lost. Pizza phones, like the ones at Clarity Voice, have to be ready to get to work at all times, and they have to transfer order information as needed. When you don’t have a good pizza phone system, it can cost you time, money, and customers.

What You Get From Great Pizza Phones

When you have the right system of pizza phones, a lot of benefits come with it. A good system can give you unlimited phone lines so that customers calling in won’t get a busy signal. They won’t have to stay on hold for a long time or cause a missed call. When customers do spend a little time on hold, the hold message should actively try to upsell them more items from your restaurant.

You can customize the ads that play during hold time so that they hear about exactly the products you want them to hear about. A good pizza phone system also allows you to pre-set the way that the calls are handled. This can mean different ways for different times of day, different days of the week, or when there is a special occasion.

You also need a high degree of availability. Anything less than 99.99% of availability isn’t a good option. The system should have good features that allow customers to reach your restaurant even if your power or internet goes off. In addition, pizza restaurants need to have access to tech guidance from an experienced team who can help them with any troubleshooting. The team should monitor the connection that you have so that they can help in case there is any kind of connectivity problem.

A VoIP System From Clarity Voice

All of these benefits can be gotten from Clarity Voice. Their system is perfect for helping your restaurant to get as many customers as possible and to make their experience a positive one. With their pizza phone system, you can make sure that customers also get upselling when it’s appropriate. A good phone system can reduce frustration, make order times faster, and help you maintain the loyalty you need for success. Don’t make customers mad when this can be completely avoided with the right phone system. A good pizza phone system benefits you, the workers using it, and the customers all at the same time.

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