Guide for hiring the best customs broker for your importing business!

It is not mandatory for importers to hire a customs broker to import goods and shipments into The United States. However, most of the big and regular importers prefer to work with one. All customs brokers in the US are licensed and regulated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and their key job is to help importers in clearing goods from the customs while adhering the necessary regulations and compliance requirements. Services like ClearitUSA Amazon FBA have been around for years, and they even offer consultancy services for importers. So, what does it take to hire the best customs broker for your importing business? We have a guide below that will come in handy. 

  1. Industry experience. Every kind of commodity is subject to specific regulatory and statutory requirements. If you are looking for customs brokers, find someone who has experience in your industry and niche. With such a service, you wouldn’t have trouble with relevant government agencies either. 
  2. Availability. Working with a customs broker is not just about setting up an online account. You will need their advice and judgement at different points of time, and it makes sense to find a customs broker who is available to offer tailored solutions. They should be accessible for all queries and consulting services, if and when needed. 
  3. Reviews. If you are comparing your options, check if a customs broker has good reviews. Keep in mind that you have no room for making mistakes with your importing business, and you need a broker, who can be trusted. Sometimes, customs brokers may not be keen on offering references because of client confidentiality issues, which is why reviews are handy. 
  4. Ability to handle volume. This is one of the other things to check while choosing an import broker. If your importing needs are likely to be high in volume and have multiple ports of entry, you need a customs broker who has omnipresence and can work with the customs, regardless of work volume.

These are four things that must be considered while reviewing customs brokers. The right service can change the way you deal with imports, and they will ensure that you never have to handle any of the complicated paperwork, documentation, tariff classification, and payment of duties. Do ask the customs broker if they have worked with similar businesses and get a free consulting session to make the most of your import investments.  


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