Shrink Wrapping Machines with Chambers

Our Chamber shrink wrapping machines come with a 12-month guarantee, they come completely assembled and fitted. Our team of factory trained engineers can provide next-day delivery and installation across the country. Complete UK parts inventory and complete on-site service support.

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of shrink packaging. But what exactly is shrink wrapping, and can you use it?

Shrink wrap is a type of plastic film that may be wrapped around any object, regardless of its size or shape. After that, heat is delivered to the surface, causing the plastic to shrink. It adapts to the shape of your thing as it shrinks and seals itself.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping may be used in a variety of sectors. It is not only simple to use, but it also has several advantages.


When heat is used to shrink wrap, an extremely tight seal is created. The shrink-wrapped contents are then completely protected by this plastic seal. The chamber shrink wrappers are no longer subject to harm from dust, filth, or moisture after they have been sealed. Some shrink wrap has UV protection, which protects your items from the sun’s damaging rays.

Bag Sealers Audion Magneta

Seal jaw lengths from 320mm to 820mm, 3mm to 5mm weld width, Magneta bag sealing machine and lay flat tubing All items are in stock.

Manual jaw closure with magnetic locking mechanism that releases automatically after the bag seal cycle is completed.

After closing the plastic bag, a cutter is provided as normal.

Magneta sealers are available in stainless steel.

Support table, floor stand, seal/cut/seal, foot pedal, and motorised operation are all options.

Magneta sealers come with a 12-month RTB guarantee on non-consumable parts. 3 years working with transformers

Skin Packaging

Product mounting on board for show packaging

Surlyn film is used to pack things into cards for point-of-sale display.

100mm is the maximum product height.

495 x 345mm board size

The heating panel is completely encased and secured. Cycle operation with a light curtain.

Aspirator suction pump with no oil and minimal maintenance

Our pallet wrappers are built in Europe and come standard with a photocell that detects the pallet height up to 2.4 metres. All steel base, mast, and turntable are powder coated in high quality. The base incorporates front and back holes to allow a forklift truck to securely and conveniently transfer the machine about the workstation. The hinged mast is a patented design that does not require any external wiring or limit devices. Simple operation is aided by clear identifying markings.

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